Energy is one of the most limiting resources in organisations today – people are frazzled, yet energy/capacity is probably the most important driver of performance. 

On the 11th October we are holding a free open session in which well-known mental health campaigner and speaker Geoff McDonald will explain how can we maintain our energy in such a demanding world. He will explain how we can use the concept of energy to value wellbeing as a strategic enabler to the performance of an organisation, vs the tick box exercise so prevalent in organisations today.

The open session will cover:

  • Why energy is a key driver of performance
  • What organisations can do to maximise energy
  • How energy can become a key part of an organisation’s strategy

You can sign up for the open session: here.

Geoff McDonald has considerable experience in teaching, HR, marketing, communications and sustainability, having spent 25 years with Unilever. Geoff is a much sought after speaker, inspiring and provoking organisations to put purpose and wellbeing at the centre of everything they do. He is a very active campaigner for breaking the stigma associated with mental health in the corporate world and has participated in a number of BBC programs and campaigns on this subject, as well as writing articles for Huffington Post, FT and HR related journals. A couple of years ago he convened a meeting with David Cameron and CEOs from Ftse 100 Companies to address their role and agree actions to break stigma in the corporate world. He also provided support to the Royal Family in their Heads Together mental health campaign.