I was sitting with a client the other day discussing how hard it can be for leaders to really connect with people who feel different, isolated and excluded.  Leaders know they need to be empathetic but knowing it, and being it, is a lot tougher in practice. 

I know I have had a privileged background - it's obvious. I'm white, I went to a private school, I was university educated and I trained as a lawyer. I even live in Surrey!

So just how do I connect with those who didn't get the "leg up" that I did? I have to notice the obstacles. I have to observe those day to day indicators that the playing field is nowhere near level. In fact, if we are going with the playing field imagery - let's face it,  often no one has even thought to translate the rules of the game to those people who have never played it before.  

Have a look at this video and see what you think. You might think it is a bit "cheesy" - I think it helps us to remember what it feels like to be worried all the time, to be an outsider, to be concerned that we don't fit in. And if we can do that, then hopefully we can connect more easily.