I run sessions for HR professionals helping them think about their role and, in particular, how they can have the desired impact and influence in the business they work in. 

In the ice-breaker introductions I usually take a temperature-check by asking what brought the participants to a career in HR.   (Clearly they are invested enough in it to have come along to spend the time thinking more about their professional development.)  Nonetheless it is a question that seems to take many by surprise and often requires a bit of thought.

The answers vary hugely ("because I'm very nosy" being one of the best reasons for a career choice I've heard).  But it's interesting that many say they do not set out on the HR path purposefully, rather falling into by default.  Of course, they are nonetheless dedicated for that.  But it's an important thing to focus on.  Your purpose, goals and direction.  It's essential to your effectiveness at whatever you do.  You see, HR professionals spend a lot of time on other people's careers.  It's equally important to focus on your own - skills; developing critical business relationships; taking a seat at the table; and tricky situations.  

 I'm running an open session on 13 June on the Influential HR Professional.  It's a chance to network with other HR professionals, build skills and think about your personal progression.  I hope you can join me.