byrne·dean is proud to support the campaign to raise awareness of the impact of bullying in all walks of life. As an organisation we help our clients to create kinder, fairer, more productive workplaces and so this campaign has particular relevance to our work and belief systems. 

Having spent the last 25 years dealing with workplace problems, it remains clear to me that bullying is as prolific today as ever. The pressures of today's economic climate, the emergence of a culture where we all need "to do more with less" has resulted in a broader definition of what amounts to bullying in  the workplace. This Guardian article demonstrates the depths of suffering caused by inappropriate and unreasonable behaviour.

byrne·dean has commissioned its own research into just what people understand amounts to bullying in the workplace and what people do when they feel bullied. The results of this research will be revealed on the first day of anti-bullying week - 14 November. We'll share the results with you - we know you will find them interesting.

Over the next two weeks and in the run up to anti-bullying week, the team at byrne·dean will be sharing their personal stories of how they have been impacted by bullying treatment. Some of us have been bullied, others have recognised that they have "bullied", and others have looked on whilst the treatment has continued. Our research shows that many of us will have experienced bullying in one form or another - what's key is how we learn from these experiences. We hope you will find them interesting.